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friendly reminder eleanor is not a terrible evil person like some of you like to see her as

.. i want to tell the world that you’re mine.

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what i just came on after like 3 days and we reached 116 notes ELEANOR AND LOUIS DO HAVE HARDCORE SEX YOU CUNTS

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jesus christ do all larry shippers worship ed sheeran?

no wonder im getting pissed off with all the people who claim to be his fan

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AU meme, Louis and Eleanor’s wedding.

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(idifferent anon) 1. i don't think el does anything wrong, she's just doing her job. 2. he's not meant to 'look' uninterested, he just isn't. if anything, louis is the band member most people suspect to be gay, so he should be looking more interested. if they were really together then why won't he defend her or flat out deny larry instead of giving these passive aggressive answers? 3. i'm not even gonna get into that because i could go on forever
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yes el doesn’t do anything wrong! she’s just a young girl in love, with a boy who happens to be worldwide famous. let louis be, it’s sick that larry shippers keep harrasing him and telling him to come out. he has a girlfriend. she is not a paid actress or whatever. 

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Okay first of all, Eleanor should be used to the paparazzi by now because it's been like two years (but we don't know because clearly they never cared enough to remember their anniversary). Second, they are under a contract so they CAN'T come out. Plus there would be a major decrease in sales because a large group of people would be disgusted. And third, clearly you have never been in the Larry tag cause most of them are from 15 to 22.
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i don’t think anyone will EVER be used to random people following them round with cameras! 2 years is a long fucking time, i don’t think louis would put up with a ‘fake relationship’ for 2 years! #larryisntreal

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well sorry guys i have to go watch tv now, dont have to much delusional fun without me ! aha :) x

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